National Institute for Economic Research
"Costin C. Kiritescu"

National Bank of Romania
The Economic Information and Documentation Centre

The 9th International Conference

Economic Scientific Research - Theoretical, Empirical and Practical Approaches

24th - 25th November, 2022
Bucharest, Romania



Conference Parallel Sections

1. Romania's sustainable economic and social development. Models, scenarios, evaluations

2. Natural resources patrimony - costs and benefits of its valorisation

3. Knowledge, innovation, smart development and human capital

4. Economy dynamics and structural changes for a competitive growth

5. European integration and globalisation - new challenges

6. Economic instability and stabilisation policies

7. Development and improvement of economic and social forecasting tools

8. Food safety and security – challenges for agriculture economic development

9. Assessment of economic-social and political experiences and thoughts

10. Contributions to the New Encyclopaedia of Romania

11. Quality of life and social policies evaluations

12. Demoeconomic cycles and transitions

13. Mountains areas sustainable development

14. PhD and post PhD students debates

15. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

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